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Transparent Moments


Hey y’all.


If you’re reading this…you’re nosey.


Lol, nah just kidding, hey, & thank you.


I just wanted to be transparent for a moment.


If you didn’t know, JKSN&Co was a brand I started & moved back to Jackson to make happen in 2019.


Every single JKSN product, ever, has been printed by me, in Memphis, TN.


83 miles there, 83 miles back.

Every weekday.


PopUps on the weekend.


Bagging & shipping orders every chance I get.


It’s been an amazing journey, & no, I don’t plan on stopping at all, just reflecting & letting you all know just a bit of what it takes to keep going, & where I’m at mentally.


You’ve invested in me & my vision so I’d be remiss not to be transparent from time to time….especially when things affect my productivity.


To be honest, life has been giving it to me these past few months.


Without going into too much detail, trying to provide for a family, run a few businesses, manage a relationship, & keep myself happy has been a tight rope to walk, to say the least.


I’ve definitely slipped over & over again.


Some days I couldn’t even get out of bed, losing precious production time, adding another day to someone getting their order.

Another day without a PopUp & chance for people to pickup orders.


As much as I wish I had a system that operated no matter how I feel or where I am, I’m not there yet.


So I can’t give up.


I really appreciate every single one of you who’s given even the slightest bit of good energy to this JKSN vision.


I say all the time, “I just created it, but y’all made it what it is.”


Now I’m going to get up, shake back, continue taking care of business, & push this JKSN $%#! to the levels I know it can reach.


If you see yourself in me in any way, just know…it’s going to be ok.


When you’re trying, you’re going to fail.

Failure teaches.

Be worried if you haven’t failed lately.


Whatever you’re going through, you’ll get through….but only if….you GET UP!


Come get a hug or warm word at the PopUp today if you could use one, I know I could.


Thank y’all, love y’all, see y’all soon!

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